Friday, April 22, 2016

Rest Day

Today we had a much needed rest day.  Victor & Violet had an appointment this morning, but they were back before 10am.  Then he ran a few errands on his own like drying the laundry at the corner laundromat (because in case you are wondering, towels take a long time to hang dry) and getting a few groceries, but the big kids and I stayed in our pajamas almost the entire day.  It was so nice to have that time here with one another--no taxis, no traffic, no crowds. Just a day of being 'normal,' which was so good!  All five of us played and laughed and ate and then did it all again.

I will say that today is either a secret holiday here or someone nearby is having one excellent fiesta. There has been music, singing (by singing, think very loud singing/shouting) and all kinds of things going on all day long.  I can't tell if they are across the street or a couple of blocks away, but they are having a good time for sure!  While I appreciate their celebration,  I hope they have tired themselves out and will decide it is time for quiet soon. Or at least before morning!

The sounds of the city are so different and constant.  On the first night, Lucy asked if we slept well. Victor did because he can sleep through anything.  I said it took me a long time to fall asleep because of the noise.  She said she had never heard anyone say it was noisy.  We laughed because I told her these are different kinds of noises than what we are used to.  She said, "Oh, yes--you are right!" There is the bustle of traffic, cars honking, dogs barking, people passing by, and maybe even some singing!  It continues all night.  This morning there was a band and then a saxophone player.  You just never know!  It's louder than home, but it is so interesting and fun to watch.  This is my first time outside of the USA, so I am taking it all in.  It is such a great experience for Natalie and Grant to be here and see the people and their culture because we are right in the middle of it!  I am also glad they are old enough to remember this.

Today was a wonderful first 'full' day as a family.   I'm hoping tomorrow will be just as good.  But first, I am hoping for sleep!!! Very quiet sleep...

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