Thursday, April 21, 2016

Encuentro Day

Today was our 'Encuentro day.'  Our driver picked us up at 9:00am, and our appointment was at 10:30. Morning Bogota traffic, or 'hora pico,' definitely meant it took that long to get there!  I think we made it at 10:20.  Once we arrived, they took our bag to go get our girl ready to meet her family.  While we waited, we talked with her team of caregivers who told us all about her.  We could not have asked for kinder, more wonderful people to be caring for our daughter while she was with them.    We are quickly learning that Colombians are warm, lovely people, and we are thankful for this heritage for our sweet girl. 

We were able to spend a little while there and then return to the apartment for lunch and to be alone together as a family for the first time. Later in the afternoon, we had an appointment with the embassy doctor who was also extremely kind and wonderful.  That visit did not take a great deal of time, and we were able to be back at the apartment by early evening. Natalie and Grant are so proud and already love their sister so much.  It is amazing to watch them all interact with each other and already know that there is something special taking place between them. We can see so many reasons now just why we had to wait so long for this day.

I can tell a funny story.  We had the same driver all day today, Edgar.  He was extremely nice and pleasant.  While he spoke very little English, he humored our attempts to communicate with him using our non-expert Spanish.  As we were riding along, he asked Victor about Prince.  Victor thought he was asking if we knew his music since it happened to be playing on the radio right then.  We did not realize until later when we were out of the car that he was trying to ask if we knew Prince had died.   Ohhhh, nice.  So--we laughed at ourselves. A lot.  The next time he drove us, we were able to tell him.  He laughed, too--though probably more because we were so pitiful with our language skills. We'll keep working, Edgar...

Today was so many things.  It was a beautiful day for our family.  It was long and tiring and filled with all kind of emotions, but it was all so good.  When we are able, we will tell the whole story.  For now, you can see some pictures of our 'pre-appointment' preparations.  We are tired tonight, but we are so happy and thankful.

Our last photo as a family of 4!

All of the things to entertain her!   She liked the Puffs snacks the best, but she also loved her toys. 

We brought 2 outfits so they could choose the best fitting one and/or preferred style for her.  Natalie was able to go help them dress her and get her ready.  She wore the one on the right.  It was such a sweet morning. 

Our special day cake!  I sadly did not get to sample it because of the gluten-allergy plague,
but according to  everyone else it was very good! 

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