Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Work in Progress

So things are moving right along in our change to the Colombia program! Here is a quick example of how the wheels are turning.

Yesterday I:

  • was officially fingerprinted at the police station. (Sorry. I don't even have a fun story that leads up to that....)

  • wrote 2 money orders to the Treasury of the United States. Fancy.

  • sent the aforementioned fingerprints to the FBI.

  • reviewed our home study which our superhero social worker has already updated.

  • requested new reference letters from our ever-patient and loyal friends, co-worker, and brother.

  • bought my children travel pillows for....someday when they get on an airplane to go meet their sister.

The path may be winding, but we are making progress!


  1. Consuela needs a travel pillow too!

  2. LOL cute pic! We have one monkey pillow that Noah used for Kaz. Good idea!

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