Saturday, February 5, 2011

Faith, Hope, and Love

I know it seems that updates are few and far between. This is mostly due to the fact that there is really no big news to update! We are just waiting. And waiting. But at least no one is waiting on us ~ our part is done for now! As soon as we receive our approval, I will certainly post it.

However, I have been thinking and praying and hoping.

Specifially I have been thinking quite a bit about my faith, or lack thereof. Am I really trusting God with this process in every way? Am I praying enough, seeking enough, growing enough? Many times the answer is: probably not. But I'm trying. And God is reminding me that His strength is still undeniably perfect in my weaknesses. He is also gently encouraging me to stay focused on those things which are most important. Sometimes the process is hard, but the result will one day overshadow the wait.

My friend, Kelly, brought her baby girl home from Colombia last August. We were 'introduced' through our caseworker last spring and discovered we live only 10 minutes from each other. Tonight we were able to join in the celebration of G.G's 1st birthday. It was so precious to watch her as she tried her cake, opened her presents (i.e., played with the tissue paper) and experienced all of the fun 1st birthday things that we so often take for granted. It was also exciting to think that our turn for 'firsts' will hopefully be coming soon. These are the moments when I know that God is in our circumstances. He so gently lets me see what is ahead for our family. He so kindly places people in our path that give us hope.

Recently, some friends of ours were re-located and had to make a big move. While we were so very sorry to see them go, can you guess where they are? Yep. Bogota, Colombia. We do not yet know which orphanage we will be working with, but we do know that at least the court proceedings will take place in Bogota. Now, honestly ~ what are the chances that you will leave the country for the first time ever and be able to visit someone you know? Claudia can speak Spanish faster than the speed of light. Our children will see friends. We will have the comfort of familiarity, if only for a few days. Again, God is moving. How amazing that He loves us enough to work out all of these details.

I hope to soon have exciting news to tell. Until then, we will continue the journey knowing that the plan is not our own. And that is a very good thing.


  1. I love how God puts people in our paths. Each time I stop & reflect on our journey, I am in awe of how His plans are so perfect. So glad to have crossed paths w/you. Looking forward to Gloria Grace & your sweet daughter having play dates :)

    Just a little technical info for you now. The courts in Bogota take forever :( When I got to Bogota, there were families that had been there for 5 & 6+ weeks, and still had not been given a date for Sentencia. In Cali, we got our court date in under 2 weeks. You will have to go to Bogota, but not for court (if your child is in another city). The US Embassy is in Bogota, and that is where you will see the Dr. & get her visa. Seeing the doctor & getting the visa only takes 3 days. Not trying to bum you out about seeing your friends, but maybe they could fly to where you are during the first part of the process.

  2. I didn't know you only met Kelly through this process, that is COOL!!!! It is AMAZING to see how God provides for us through these journeys.