Sunday, February 21, 2010

Closer to the Finish Line

It's done! Well, mostly done. We sent the large stack of important and official documents known as our dossier to the agency on Thursday. We are waiting on two more documents, and once they arrive and have their fancy gold sticker (a.k.a. the apostille) we can send them on and this part of our journey will be complete! We do have to wait to be sure everything is correct and approved, but the tough part is finished. I can truly say it was a wonderful relief--after painstakingly going over my checklist about one hundred times--to package all of that paperwork up and send it off. While some may need another task to do while waiting, I can safely say that I won't miss this part! I will gladly choose another activity. Who knows, I may be able to unearth the top of my dining room table now. We'll see...

That has just been one good thing. Here's another: on February 4th, we had a fundraiser at the local Chick-fil-A called a Spirit Night. So many came to support us that the marketing guy asked what we did to get so many people there. We saw friends from church, school, and our community as well as people we did not even know handing in their flyers. To say we were blessed would be an understatement. Thank you again to all of you who came. Just your presence there meant so much to us! We cannot wait to tell our daughter one day just how many people have been expecting her arrival with us.

Our secret Chick-fil-A guest....

She really wanted a we made one!!!

The past few weeks have been very challenging in many ways, but I have also been reminded of God's mysterious and merciful ways. He sent a new friend to drive me on the downtown adventure called verification and authentication. (If you'd like to know, I'll explain it to you later...) He used an old friend who was working in the ER this weekend to help insert our daughter's IV and talk to us while we waited on test results. He has urged others to pray for us for various reasons which, in turn, has brought me more comfort and encouragement than I can convey. We are moving on to the next stage of our journey, but I feel secure knowing that we are not walking alone.


  1. It was such a relief when our dossier was turned it. It was just annoying and it's not like I didn't have other things to be doing. However, the wait.....welllllllll I am here if you need me. ;)

  2. Yay!!! I'm sure it's a great relief to get all that paperwork done. I'm looking forward to meeting the new little one... She will be well-loved.