Thursday, October 22, 2009

Breaking News!

There are many things I am supposed to be doing at this moment. Cleaning the kitchen. Digging out the room which is called the office but is really a black hole cleverly disguised as one. Sorting important paperwork. And yet, here I sit--distracted and trying to think of engaging things to write on this space so that you will actually be glad that you interrupted your own "to-do list" to see what I have to say. So let's begin.....

I tried to think of a really good build-up to this statement, but none came. So here it is: We are adopting!!!!! Well, not today. But we have begun the adoption process and are in the midst of our home study. (If you are not familiar with adoption lingo, to which I am also new, the home study is where your fabulous social worker interviews you and your spouse, then comes to your house and interviews you and your children and makes sure you don't have anything too frightful lurking in your closet--both literally and figuratively speaking. This would explain the aforementioned need to clean "the room.")

Now, I am sure you have questions. The first, I would assume, is "Why adoption?" Well, why not? This is something that God has placed in our hearts. We can no longer have biological children, but I have felt for some time that our family is just not complete yet. I feel so strongly that there is a child out there for us that will fit right into that empty space. We have been blessed with so much; it just makes sense for us to open our arms and our hearts in this way. We are surrounded by friends whose lives have been so richly transformed by the miracle that is adoption. We are hoping for the same.

Next, if you are good reporters, comes the "Who," "Where?" and "When?" We have chosen international adoption for several reasons. Mainly, we both feel very drawn towards Latin American children and we just feel this is the right path for us and our family. The agency we have chosen has accepted us into a pilot program in Honduras. We will be one of only ten families blazing the trail, so to speak, to adopt a child from this Central American nation. A few of the advantages are that we are able to request a younger child, and the estimated waiting time will be less than with other countries. We have asked for a little girl under the age of 2. Picky, you say? Not at all. I cannot fully explain it to you. I just know that we will have a daughter. (A good friend told me this is called hearing from God. Actually, her exact response was, "Hellooo???" Perhaps I should listen more often!!) We feel that God has opened this door for us, and we are both nervous and excited as we take the first steps toward expanding our family from four to five.

Ready for the "How?" (Keeping up, aren't we?)

If you would like to know how you can help us on this journey, our first request is that you please cover us in prayer. Pray for the paperwork, for those we will be working with throughout the process, for God to prepare our hearts and our minds. Pray that our children will be ready, too. Pray that financial doors will open so this will be a blessing and not a burden. And most of all, please pray that He will keep our child safe and well wherever she is (even if she is not born yet!) and that she will be brought to us at the perfect time.

If you feel that you would like to help in a practical way, our friends Scott and Lynde Hord have graciously provided an avenue for just that. They have an amazing organization called Abba Java. If you are a coffee lover, you will be most interested. Really. I do not joke about java. This coffee is good. There is a link on the right of this page; click on it, read their story, and then buy some coffee! (Other items such as mugs and t-shirts are also available. Hey, Christmas is coming soon, you know.....) At checkout, there is an option for a portion of the proceeds to go directly to our adoption. We are so grateful for their support.

And, finally, a wonderful way you can help is to just be there. We will need our community of family, friends, and faith as we go through this process. Not all of the blog posts will be adoption related, but most of them will. We hope you will join us for the journey. It should be a great one!!!!



  1. We will keep your adoption journey in our prayers. God bless you on this beautiful, frustrating, rewarding journey. Praying God will bring the child He has planned to you. God bless you.

  2. Yeah! Great first entry! We are very excited for you and will be here praying and following along!